Medical Web Design: How We Helped Our Client Doctor Seni Refresh His Online Presence

Dr Seni

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In the ever-evolving digital age, having a user-friendly and informative website is crucial for professionals, especially in the medical field. Dr Seni recognised this need for his business and approached us for assistance in medical web design.

With a new user-friendly website, updated logo and refreshed brand identity, we were able to create a medical website that engaged visitors and helped Dr Seni cut through the noise of his competitors. Keep reading to find out how we did it.

Dr Seni - Homepage

The Client

Dr. Seni is an NHS Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon. He has specialist expertise in assessing breast symptoms, managing benign breast conditions, breast cancer and performing reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgeries.

Dr. Seni’s NHS practice is based at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust. He also offers breast services across the West Midlands, partnering with several healthcare institutions including Nuffield Health Wolverhampton, Spire Parkway Healthcare Solihull, MUMS Solihull, and Transpire Cosmetic Surgery Birmingham.

Given the competition of plastic surgeons based in England, we needed to build a website that could stand out from other providers – showcasing Dr. Seni as the ideal surgeon for breast-related surgeries in the U.K.

Screenshot of Book an Appointment section for Dr Seni Website

The Challenge

The previous website, My Breast Surgeon, wasn’t performing as well as Dr. Seni hoped, while it was functional, it lacked clarity and a smooth, user-friendly flow in presenting the services offered.  

Recognising these shortcomings, Dr. Seni wanted a platform that was not only modern and engaging but also easy to update. This flexibility would ensure that as his team grew, or services expanded, the website could keep pace and be easily changed when required.

The challenge was to reinvent his website presence, strengthen his digital reach and create a platform with a simple user interface on both the back end and front end – which is a major priority in medical web design.

Screenshot of Dr Seni logo and web design sections

Our Approach 

We created a three-pronged approach for optimum impact; a refreshed website design, updated brand identity, and rich content to attract audiences. Our goal was to create a website that would become a hub of information, supporting potential patients from their initial query right through to consultation and potential surgery. Here’s a breakdown of the process.

Updated Brand Identity 

One of the standout features of the new website is its refreshed brand identity. With an updated colour palette, logo and design, the site now resonates more with visitors, capturing their attention and encouraging them to delve deeper into the services.

Enhanced website design

The website design was fully optimised for search engines, ensuring that Dr. Seni remains visible and accessible to those seeking his expertise. The sleek user interface also helps boost SEO performance in terms of enhanced user experience.

In medical web design, it is essential to have a simple and uncomplicated website layout, especially when visitors are searching for medical information – it needs to communicate effectively, and not overwhelm the visitor with unnecessary information. 

Website design elements 

We also embedded strong call-to-action elements for visitors, encouraging them to arrange a consultation, because Dr. Seni offers such a personal service, there is only so much guidance we can provide on the website before the visitor needs to be assessed individually. 

We also included social media icons and a direct contact button, which helped reinforce the notion that potential clients can easily communicate with Dr. Seni and his team. We created a positive website experience with seamless navigation throughout the entire website design. 

Rich SEO content

We also created rich SEO content for the website, ensuring that we used strategic keywords for optimum visibility. The homepage is designed to be the gateway to Dr. Seni’s expertise, features a captivating hero banner, detailed information about Dr. Seni, an informational video, and a comprehensive list of his services. 

With client testimonials and additional insights about Dr. Seni visitors get a holistic view of what to expect when they choose him as their surgeon.

News/blog section

We also created a dedicated news/blog page, featuring long-form SEO content crafted by the ProfileTree team. This would help kickstart the SEO campaign and attract visitors to his newly launched website.

This also provided a launch pad for Dr. Seni to continue creating his own content, he now regularly updates the site with articles on his thoughts on industry topics, insights into his expertise, and all of the latest news regarding his business. 

A blog section is particularly beneficial for medical web design, it’s a way for audiences to find your business and connect your brand with offering industry expertise. If visitors value your content, search engines deem you to be a credible resource – so it’s a win-win all around.  

Gallery section

A dedicated gallery section is also particularly important in medical web design. It showcases results, sets expectations and highlights the expertise of Dr. Seni as the ideal surgeon. We ensured that the gallery section was well formatted and presented so that visitors could quickly scan his full portfolio of work. 


We also showcased client testimonials throughout the website; on the Homepage and About page. This is essential in medical web design, it reassures potential patients and provides them with the essential information that they will be seeking. 

Desktop and Mobile of Dr Seni Homepage

The Results

The refreshed Dr. Seni website is now a sleek, professional online space that positions Dr. Seni as an expert within his field. It welcomes visitors who are seeking medical advice regarding breast care and breast surgery and it encourages potential patients to seek the surgical expertise of Dr. Seni.

90 on-page SEO score

The new website now has a 90 on-page SEO score, which indicates that it has been well-optimised according to the standards of most SEO tools. In our web design, we used the following;

  • Keyword optimisation
  • Meta tags
  • Header tags
  • Image optimization
  • Enhanced URL Structure
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Enhanced Page Speed
  • Enhanced schema markup

These technical aspects of SEO helped us achieve an on-page score of 90 for Dr. Seni, meaning his website is in the ideal position to reach audiences and climb up the ranks of search engine results. 

A satisfied client outcome

Dr. Seni was extremely satisfied with the outcome of this website build. It was sleek, professional and easily navigated, which was one of his main concerns at the beginning. The fact that he could now add blog content is a testament to the simple back-end functionality we implemented. 

The website now captures the essence of his practice while offering a seamless and informative experience to visitors. Whether you’re a potential client or a curious visitor, the website promises a journey of discovery and rich engagement.