Website Design, Development and Hosting for Ireland’s Top Accredited Training Provider

Website Design, Development and Hosting for Ireland's Top Accredited Training Provider 1
Uni Learning

Uni Learning

The Challenge – Website, digital strategy and content marketing

With professional links to hundreds of gyms and fitness centres across the UK and Ireland, Uni Learning has established itself as one of the country’s leading Accredited Training Providers. Equipped with cutting-edge learning materials and experienced tuition staff, the firm were well positioned to achieve ultimate success. However, the company’s lack of digital strategy or online presence continued to face them with barriers to continued growth.

Consultations with Uni Learning identified numerous areas for improvement, and the company where unsure where to start with their digital transformation.

That’s where ProfileTree came in.

Our Approach

Sleek Digital Showcase

Following consultations with Uni Learning, it was quickly established that the design and development of a robust, secure and visually appealing website represented an essential step in the continuation of their success. ProfileTree set about designing and developing a website which would act as a sleek digital showcase for the business and its diverse range of services. This included individual and unique pages promoting the client’s story, as well as for information on courses, massage services and payment options. Also included within the company’s fresh digital strategy was a series of blogs engineered to boost credibility, engagement and sales conversions.

A video speaks a thousand words. That’s why ProfileTree were proud to produce expertly- shot and edited footage, highlighting Uni Learning’s services, staff and corporate journey.

Following a handover of digital assets, ProfileTree provided Uni Learning with an expert web hosting service, ensuring functionality and security in their website both in the present and into the future.


Engineered for online engagement

A stable, secure and visually appealing website engineered for online engagement and organic growth.

Expertly produced corporate video content to boost credibility and sales conversions.

A professional web hosting service, ensuring functionality and security both in the present and into the future.

Digital strategy for elearning business

If your business specialises in providing elearning services, then you should most definitely think about developing a digital strategy in order to reach potential clients and spread awareness of your digital training services.

With online learning being one of the quickest growing markets, a whopping 900% growth since 2000, it’s undeniable that elearning businesses need a digital strategy in order to rise above competitors.

Elearning businesses in particular need to pay attention to website design, development, hosting capabilities and content, because their services operate online, audiences are automatically expecting high levels of digital design from elearning businesses.

Website design for elearning businesses 

If your business provides elearning services, then the website design is at the forefront of your business. Audiences are not going to want to learn from a platform that is initially difficult to interact with, it needs to be expertly structured, with simple navigation and articulated information. 

If your website can’t clearly express what it is that your business provides then how are audiences supposed to believe that you can provide effective learning courses for them to learn from? 

Design principles for elearning websites 

The design principles relate to how information is presented and structured within the website. For elearning websites in particular, there needs to be a strong focus on the composition of a website, meaning that visitors can easily digest and understand the content.  

User interface for elearning websites 

The user interface on elearning websites is particularly important as it refers to everything that visitors interact with, e.g.) menus, webpages, toggle buttons, etc. These all work to enhance the user’s experience, which is particularly important for promoting elearning services. 

Colour scheme for elearning websites 

Another important thing to factor in when creating and designing elearning websites is the choice of colour scheme used. Traditionally, blue symbolises learning as it is a calming and intuitive colour, but other options such as red, orange or yellow are also said to increase the learners’ attention and brain stimulation.

Website development for for elearning businesses 

Website development is concerned with how well the website functions. It ensures that web pages load properly, links are coded to the correct pages and website navigation is comprehensible. A poorly functioning website will only serve to confuse and frustrated users, which is detrimental to a business that provides elearning services. 

Navigation of elearning websites 

The navigation aspect of elearning websites is extremely important. Visitors need to know how to navigate through the different features in order to arrive at information relevant to them. Ways in which navigation can be simplified, includes on site filters, defined web pages and breadcrumb paths. 

Pre-built or custom built elearning websites

Another important thing to consider in the web development phase of your elearning site, is whether it will be custom built or built on a website template such as Wix or WordPress. This is quite important to consider as using a prebuilt format will have an impact on which features you can include and what alterations you can make. 

Conversion rate optimization on elearning sites

Conversion Rate Optimisation, aka CRO, refers to the way in which visitors to your website are encouraged to complete actions that benefit the business. In the case of elearning websites this might be a call to action to sign up to the newsletter, book in for an appointment or sign up for an elearning course. 

CRO’s are very important to include within website development as it will provide a return on investment for investing in the overall website construction.

Website hosting for elearning websites

Website hosting is incredibly important for elearning businesses as it is where the business services literally take place. If an elearning website has poor website hosting capabilities, then this will affect everything from website security, speed and performance. 

Website security for elearning business

Elearning websites tend to ask for more personal information from visitors and users as opposed to other websites in different industries. Obviously this is due to the personal nature of education, but it is still sensitive information from users that needs protecting. If your website has poor hosting capabilities, then it increases the risk of hackers accessing your user’s personal information and details. 

Website performance for elearning websites 

The website’s performance refers to how well it can load information, perform interactive features and respond to user requests. In an elearning environment, visitors expect these features to work flawlessly, as a poorly performing website is unattractive to users.

Bandwidth on elearning websites 

The bandwidth is concerned with how much traffic the website can handle at one time. In an elearning environment, the amount of traffic can jump considerably, especially when people are taking elearning classes or virtual exams. In order to create a successful elearning website, the bandwidth needs to have particularly high Mbps.

Content for elearning websites

As an elearning business, you will want to create a variety of content that will appeal to a range of audiences. We all learn in different ways and as such the content needs to reflect that, especially in an elearning business. 

Educational content and promotional content should both be presented in a variety of formats, including text, images, video and infographics. This helps audiences understand what it is that you provide and it allows for educational content easily understood.

Video content for elearning businesses 

Video is the most widely consumed form of content, dominating social media platforms and ranking highly on search engine results. With video content in an elearning environment, the potential for students to grasp information and understand content is exponentially increased. It allows for elearning businesses to virtually connect with potential students, which is all so important in a student learning relationship. 

Image content for elearning businesses 

Elearning businesses need to condense some of their learning content and promotional material into images in order to visually appeal to potential students. 

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and this couldn’t be more true for elearning businesses that are trying to dominate the competitive market of elearning. High quality images that represent the impact of elearning is one of the best tools for enhancing the user experience and increasing promotional efforts.

ProfileTree – the agency for delivering a digital strategy for elearning businesses 

Here at ProfileTree, we have helped many elearning businesses stand out amongst the extremely competitive market of virtual learning. We know how to carve out a digital identity that is unique and promotes your businesses USP. See our website design projects for other examples. If you would like to avail of our digital strategy services, you can do so by getting in touch with us here.