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Search Engine Optimisation is the process of curating online content that provides answers user’s queries, because, to put it bluntly, audiences aren’t searching for your brand, they are searching for questions that are related to your business expertise.

SEO agencies help your business’ website rank higher on Google search pages by spreading your business expertise through content that is useful, meaningful and engaging for audiences. They help your business create useful content that includes the keywords and questions that people are already searching for.

The ultimate goal for SEO agencies is to push your business website, or published content, further up on those Google search results pages – because whoever goes past page 1 of Google search results? They also ensure that your website is ranking for the right keywords that will help increase traffic volumes, spread brand awareness and ultimately, lead to more sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Search Engine Optimisation / SEO Agencies do?

SEO agencies help businesses like yours, not just be seen in Google result pages, but to be seen for the right keywords that match the intent of the person searching for something that is related to your business expertise. They can help your business website rank higher on search result pages by using optimised keywords, cleverly curated content and SEO website design.

What is SEO and what can it do for my business?

SEO helps your business cut through the clutter of content that has been published by your competitors. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a website that no one will see and it also doesn’t make sense to invest in content that no one will access. SEO agencies help you gain a return on your investment for online content, increasing brand awareness, web traffic and ultimately, leading to more digital sales.

What questions should I ask SEO Agencies?

If you’re ready to start working on increasing the search rankings of your website, you’ll want to ask an SEO agency how they’ll drive quality traffic to your website, how they’ll react to the very latest Google algorithm changes and how they are going to embed SEO practices into your online content. It’s important to know what their SEO strategy is and why it’s worth investing in to benefit your business.

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Why ProfileTree SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Agency?

At ProfileTree, we embed SEO into everything that we do, from blog posts to video content and website design, you can be assured that your online content is ready to rank. We create content that promotes your business expertise whilst appealing to audience queries. If you’re looking for an SEO to help you dominate search engine results, we’ve got you covered!

What is SEO?

Think of SEO like a digital battleground, each business is fighting for that number one spot on Google search results pages, or at the very least to appear on the first page of results.  because how often would you go beyond page 2 of Google results? 

SEO is the process of trying to match your online content to user queries. Take for example a clothing company for men, their online content will be curated in order to target the keywords and phrases that people are searching for, i.e.) men’s fashion / instyle trends for men’s clothing / jumpers for men / trousers for men, etc. 

This ensures that people, who don’t necessarily know your brand, are able to find your business and access your products / services. Without SEO, businesses will struggle to remain seen in the highly competitive environment of online marketing.

SEO goes beyond creating content using commonly searched keywords and phrases though, it involves specifically curating content in a format that appeals to Google’s algorithms. SEO agencies are experts in understanding Google algorithms, staying up to date with new trends and ensuring content is formulated in such a way that is appealing to potential audiences.

Is SEO paid for advertising?

Whilst you might pay an SEO agency to create SEO content on behalf of your business, it is NOT a form of paid digital advertising. SEO is an organic form of advertising, meaning that it attracts audiences with cleverly structured content that rises on its own merit.

It is not unusual to see paid ads on Google search results, these are usually the top 3 or 4  results and they are clearly labelled as ads. However, this isn’t a good option for long term rankability, it is a costly form of advertising and when you are no longer able to pay for ad space, your website will fall down massively on search engine results. 

It is also worthy to note that Google ads will not affect your SEO ranking directly, but they can be used in order to gather indirect information, i.e. the click-through-rate which can then be used to influence your SEO strategy. 

With SEO, there is a long term goal of increasing your brands credibility and authenticity, so that Google knows to show your business website or related content in response to users queries. SEO is about creating quality content that audiences will return to and engage with, benefitting your business in long term growth and ongoing digital presence.

What is Local SEO? 

Whilst traditional SEO attempts to target audiences on a global scale, local SEO attempts to appeal to audiences on a more localised scale. 45% of all Google searches are for local businesses, so depending on what your business provides, it is sometimes much more profitable to explore local SEO tactics as this will provide the most Return on Investment. 

When someone searches for products or services in their local area, Google will provide online content that matches that query. This might be for example, 

  • Restaurants near me
  • Hairdressers in Manchester
  • Mechanics in Belfast

If your business is targeting local customers, then it is advised that you invest in local SEO as opposed to traditional SEO – no one from Germany is going to make the trip to a hairdressing salon based in Manchester, so you have a much better chance at targeting local clientele rather than global audiences with localised SEO tactics.

SEO agency Northern Ireland

As an SEO agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we are extremely versed in applying local SEO tactics to NI businesses. We know how to penetrate the online marketplace of NI business and can make your website rise up among the ranks of local searches.

Whether you’re based in Antrim, Armagh, Ballymena, Bangor, Derry/Londonderry, Lisburn, Omagh or Newry ProfileTree can help promote your NI business in the digital marketplace.

SEO Agency Ireland

As specialists in applying SEO tactics, we have seen our services being requested by businesses based throughout Ireland. We apply the same local SEO tactics, targeting local clientele and helping businesses reach their catchment area of potential customers. For an SEO agency that can help you compete amongst other Ireland based businesses, ProfileTree is the best option!

SEO Agency UK

As a leading SEO agency, ProfileTree is increasingly serving businesses across the water, based in the U.K. We have worked with a variety of different industries and we know how to create SEO content that will attract your specific target audience. Choose ProfileTree for an agency that has your back on the virtual battleground of Google search result pages.

Finding a SEO agency FAQs

With so many competing SEO agencies, it can be difficult to pick one that’s right for your business. Check out these responses to frequently asked questions and find an SEO agency that understands your brand.

How do I find a good SEO company?

In order to find a good SEO company, you should first ask how their internal brands perform on search engines. It’s also worth checking if they hold any webinars or publish any informative SEO training, as this is all a good indicator of their industry expertise. If you want to do some extra digging, copy their URL into Semrush and see how well they perform.

What questions should I ask an SEO agency?

You should ask an SEO agency what your current SEO performance looks like, and after you have worked with them, ask to see data on how their efforts have improved your rankings. You should also ask them how they define SEO success and what types of content they can enhance with SEO tactics, i.e.) SEO blogs, video content, etc.

What do SEO agencies actually do?

Put simply, an SEO agency will help your business rank higher on search engine results, but how do they do this specifically? SEO agencies will conduct a thorough analysis of your current SEO performance and suggest ways to improve it through specially curated content. 

Audit current SEO performance

There is an incredibly wide range of SEO auditing programmes available, due to the increasing demand for businesses who are seeking to improve their SEO performance. However, conducting this process isn’t easy because there are so many different performance statistics that you need to consider in order to get a clear view of how your website is performing.

At Profile Tree, we use a system called Semrush, which gives an incredibly detailed analysis of your website’s performance and SEO capabilities. It’s an important tool for SEO analysis and the launchpad that we use for increasing your website’s ranking. There are, however, alternatives to Semrush out there and they may be worth exploring for helping you to analyse your SEO performance.

How does Semrush help with SEO?

Semrush is an online platform that provides comprehensive data surrounding a website’s performance. It provides many important data points including traffic volume, click- through rate, etc. It also provides rich data surrounding keywords, frequently asked questions and related keywords, all of which are great for creating useful and informative content.

Traffic analytics for SEO performance

A great advantage of Semrush is that it provides incredible detail and rich data about your website’s traffic. It can tell you:

  • How many visitors your website receives per month.
  • What country the traffic is coming from.
  • Whether it is paid for, or organic traffic.
  • How long visitors are spending on your website.
  • The bounce rate – visitors who abandon your website after only viewing one page.
  • What device they are using to view your website.
  • How visitors arrived at your website, categorised into:
    • Direct traffic: means that they typed your website URL directly into a search engine.
    • Referral traffic: means that arrived at your website through another source that led them there, e.g.) a referral website.
    • Search traffic: means that they asked a question into a search engine and then clicked on your website because Google listed it in their result page.
    • Social traffic: means that they arrived at your website through a social media platform that led them there.
    • Paid traffic: means that visitors arrived at your website by clicking an ad that you had purchased.

All of this website traffic information is extremely useful for SEO agencies and business owners. It helps you understand where your traffic is coming from and how they are arriving at your site. This data can be used to identify a strategic path for increasing your SEO performance, identifying areas that are working well and areas that may need for development.

A backlink is when another website links back to your website in its content. Google algorithms use backlinks in order to determine the authenticity of your website, because if another site is recommending it, then it must be of value.

Semrush can quantify how many backlinks your site has and where they are coming from. Recent Google algorithm updates are now checking where the backlinks are originating from, in order to determine their credibility and the authenticity of your site. The rule of thumb is, that the harder it is to gain a backlink, the more credible it must be.

Using Semrush for competitor analysis

Semrush provides a platform that allows you to evaluate your website performance against a maximum of three other competitors. They provide a ‘Growth Quadrant’ table that visually displays a competitor analysis in relation to four main categories:

  1. Niche Players: New or small companies with smaller audience size and a low growth rate
  2. Game Changers: Emerging companies with a comparatively smaller audience size but that are growing quickly.
  3. Established Players: Companies with large, established audiences.
  4. Leaders: Companies with both a large audience and a rapid growth rate

This information is extremely useful for knowing where you stand in the market place and what your SEO approach should be going forward, it can highlight keywords that you should be aiming for, because your competitors are already ranking for them.

Using Semrush for SEO keyword analysis

Semrush is a great tool for keyword analysis, a lot of SEO agencies use it to identify a website’s ranking keywords, their average position and traffic volume. It can also show the pages on a website that are ranking for those keywords, ensuring that businesses know what type of content is being valued by both the audiences and Google algorithms.

Semrush also sorts the ranking keywords into four main categories:

  1. Informational keywords: searchers looking for an answer to a specific question or general information.
  2. Navigational keywords: searchers intending to find a specific site or page.
  3. Commercial keywords: searchers looking to investigate brands or services.
  4. Transactional keywords: searchers intending to complete an action or purchase.

Identifying the category of keywords assists SEO agencies in determining the user path before arriving at your website, it is useful for influencing an SEO strategy and determining how you’re going to frame SEO keywords going forward.

Using Semrush for keyword research

Another major advantage of using Semrush is that it gives an incredibly detailed overview of keyword analysis. This is helpful for SEO agencies in providing them with valuable information about a keyword and the ability to rank for it.

Semrush provides data points relating to: 

Volume of searches

This shows the amount of searches, per month, that are performed for a keyword, on a global scale. This can also be viewed by Country, giving an even more detailed analysis of the keyword ranking. 

Keyword difficulty 

The keyword difficulty refers to how difficult the keyword is to rank for. Usually, the higher the amount of searches per month, the more difficult it is to rank, due to larger amounts of competition trying to rank for the same thing. 


Semrush will also tell you the CPC – cost per click, that Google would charge if you were to pay for ad space when users search for this query. This is useful for determining the value of a keyword. 

Keyword variations

Keyword variations, also known as secondary keywords, are an amazing resource of information for when it comes to writing your own SEO content. They ensure that you are using the phrases that people are searching for and you can even filter these results to match your business expertise.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are a variation of keyword searches, many people type long tail keywords into search engines and this can help your business identify areas for producing content that answers them. 

Keyword questions

Semrush provides a comprehensive list of related keyword questions, these are great to include in any piece of SEO content as they literally provide the blueprints for answering user queries. 

Related keywords

Another valuable source of information, keyword variations help you consider other phrases that people are using to describe your related product/service. These are useful for diversifying your content, but still ensuring that you are using SEO phrases that will help you rank.

Serp Analysis

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages, on Semrush they provide a SERP analysis, which shows the websites that are already ranking for your targeted keyword. Not only is this useful for identifying what works for SEO performance, but it is also useful for identifying competitors that you may have not been aware of.

What to expect from an SEO agency? 

After an SEO agency has completed a deep analysis of your website’s SEO performance, they will recommend an SEO strategy going forward. This involves embedding SEO practices throughout the online content, and seeking to improve your websites ranking on search engine results pages.

Website SEO

Your business website is the home of online sales and it is a priority that it is created with SEO tactics in mind.

Website SEO ensures that the content on your website is appealing to search engine queries as opposed to just talking about your brand. It ensures that the website URLs are clearly defined with embedded SEO keywords and that multiple service pages are created  in order to direct more traffic to your website.

Blog SEO

Blog SEO through blog content is a great method for targeting SEO phrases and subtly redirecting customers to your website. 

With blog content, you can include long forums, give in depth detail and provide deep explanations on topics that are related to your business. They also help position you as industry experts, increase brand awareness and position your brand as authority leaders within your field.

Video SEO

Video SEO accounts for over 80% of the content that is consumed on the internet, so it makes sense that Google is now starting to show videos in their search engine result pages. 

SEO keywords can be embedded within the script and within the titles. They are much easier to rank for compared to text content, because there are less videos available that are competing for similar keywords.

Voice search SEO

There is an increasing trend for search engine queries to be performed through voice activated technology. This has led to websites curating their content for this purpose, increasing the chances of voice technology using their website when giving verbal answers. 

An SEO agency will help you create conversational content that is appropriate for responding to voice searches. 

No matter what type of content your website is producing, SEO should be embedded throughout, otherwise the content is not optimised and at risk missing out on reaching audiences, increasing brand awareness and ultimately, leading to more sales.

SEO agency tips for creating SEO written content

As an SEO agency, we have a team of content writers who are well versed in SEO practices. Here are some of their tips for creating SEO written content that is capable of ranking well in Google search results.

SEO Title

The SEO title is one of the most important aspects for content ranking on search engines. They should ideally be between 40 – 65 characters in length, and the keyword should always feature at the beginning of the title.

Although it isn’t always possible, try to create titles that have a number in them, e.g.) 5 ways to, 10 things to remember, etc, and try to include a power word, e.g.) Amazing, beneficial, supporting, etc.

Word count

Aim for a high word count, there is a lot of competition out there and if your content doesn’t have enough words, Google won’t bother showing it in their results. Website content should have at least 750 words per page and blog content and supporting articles should have at least 1000 words in them.


Readability refers to how easy your content is to understand. If your content is written with lots of jargon or technical terms, it will confuse a novice and Google will interpret it as difficult to understand. Try to write using simplified terminology and short sentence structures. SEO assistants will provide a readability score, so you can go back and simplify the content if needs be.


You should also make use of headings throughout your written content. Start with H1 headings and include your keyword in the H1 as this signposts to Google algorithms that it’s important content.

Headings also help the reader break up the content and skim the content for pieces that are relevant to them. Google tends to view written content in a pyramid like structure, so start with H1 and then progress onto H2, H3, etc.


The structure of your written content is also very important for making it appealing to audiences. Avoid using long paragraphs as this will only overwhelm audiences, try to keep paragraphs short, around 4-5 lines maximum.

Font, italics and bold

You should always stick to using a font that is clear to read and uncomplicated, avoid using calligraphy style fonts as this might set an unprofessional tone and confuse the reader. You should also make use of italics and bold fonts, they signal important points to the reader and bold fonts signal to Google that it is an important term.

Keyword density

The keyword density refers to how often the keyword or keyword phrase is used in the written content. It is recommended that the keyword density is used 1-2 times every 100 words.  

SEO training

SEO might sound daunting, particularly when you have just explored SEO platforms like Semrush, it can become a little too overwhelming. SEO agencies look at these platforms like second nature, due to using them everyday, they are no longer intimidated by the many data points, and like anything – it’s always harder to learn at the beginning.

At ProfileTree, we offer in depth SEO training, ensuring that you can effectively evaluate your SEO performance, compare your performance against that of your competitors and gain keyword insights that will guide you in creating content. 

Creating content without an effective SEO analysis is like taking a stab in the dark, you don’t know if it’s what your audiences are seeking and it could be a waste of time and resources if it’s not going to help your website rank any higher on search engine results. 

With our tailored SEO training, we can help you identify opportunities for growth in relation to  your specific industry and business goals. We also record all of our training resources, ensuring that you have an accessible resource for SEO support in the future. 

Selecting the right SEO agency for your business

In order to select an appropriate SEO agency for your business you should ask them some basic SEO questions in order to establish if they are the right fit for you. You should also ask them if they have had any experience in SEO marketing for your industry, e.g.) 

SEO for Car-Dealerships

SEO for Hotels

SEO for restaurants 

SEO for event organisation 

SEO agencies work with multiple clients throughout the day, but knowing that they have had direct experience marketing within your industry should provide some reassurance on their capabilities to do the same for your business. 

At ProfileTree, we embed SEO practices in everything that we do. We believe that it has the power to transform your business and give it the recognition that it deserves. We take pride in seeing our clients rise in search engine rankings and have the know-how to make it a reality. 
For an agency that has SEO embedded within its culture, ProfileTree is your best option.

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That’s because we’re a locally-based content agency, with a broad knowledge of digital marketing, web design/ development, social media and much more, who deliver strategies built around real results for local businesses.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Agency Ballymena

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