WordPress Website Hosting Service

WordPress Website Hosting is a core element of digital marketing for any business trying to build their brand online as well as aiming to generate more sales. Having great WordPress hosting means your website will load fast no matter where your client is trying to access your website. We have seen researching showing faster and more secure websites can secure more sales due to less user drop offs’, especially on mobile devices. How good is your WordPress website hosting?

WordPress Website Hosting Service

Why Chose our WordPress Hosting?

We have been developing high-performance websites since 2010. Why not benefit from our experience? We have shared our own WordPress hosting setup and development support to help more business owners reach the customers searching for their products & services.

We work with you and your team to build solutions that will work for you. This means using marketing tools that fit your needs, your budget and your overall aims. We do this to help you maximize the return on your investment in marketing. That way, you can leverage your digital activities into leads, sales and growth.

Managed WordPress Hosting Services

Take a look at our Managed WordPress Hosting Services to see why it is better than many of the shared hosting and online offerings. With our in house developers we can offer a different level of help and support for your business and more importantly your critical website.

SEO Performance Boost

Using our hosting setup – you avoid the problems of cheaper hosting that does not help your search engine rankings. Why invest in online marketing when your website will never get more traffic due to slower-cheap hosting? Our support team will be available if you request additional SEO help.

Website Optimisation

With your website hosted on our servers, we have the ability to optimise your website for speed and even improve its layout. Our development support team will be happy to review your site, provide a quote and show dramatic improvements in page speed once agreed.

Website Security

You insure your business – have you insured your website? What if your website vanished today? Thankfully with our hosting we take daily back ups over 28 days, so there is a copy of your website in case the worst ever happens.

Website Changes

Our packages allow you to access dedicated WordPress specialists through our support desk. We will quickly provide a quote for your approval before we start any work. Once approved and paid, we will get the changes actioned ASAP.

Hosting Experts

Talk to a WordPress expert as opposed to a chat bot to help solve any issues with your website. Our team of hosting experts are available to advise and help resolve issues that may occur on your website. You can actually talk to someone if the need arises!

Fast and Managed

We have set up the perfect WordPress website hosting for our own websites and business, so you know when you join us on our server set up, you are getting access to one of the best hosting setups available.

Why Choose a WordPress Hosting Package?

When most of our clients come to us for a new website, they focus on just getting the website done and online. They don’t always consider everything else that comes after that. Hosting is often a rush job, done at the cheapest price. Often, this isn’t factored into the budget until much later in the process, and sometimes not even until after the site is live.

Our WordPress hosting services is a premium service focused on speed, security and performance.

Your hosting service has a big impact on how your site performs for your users. When the hosting service is not geared towards performance and SEO, it can harm the website that you just spent weeks or months developing with your team and web design company. At ProfileTree, we use the best hosting platform for your website, ensuring it meets and exceeds the requirements for your website to perform well online.

We can also provide a range of additional services to keep your WordPress website fully optimised and running at its best performance. Our team excel in optimising websites for speed and performance. Through our support desk option you can request additional services and our team will quickly provide a quote for this work. Once all is agreed and settled, we will get these improvements actioned ASAP.

An area of expertise our website development team has is their level of knowledge and skills around SEO and search engine rankings. We have found that a websites speed does have an impact on the overall ranking for the site. Also for user experience – a slow website, especially on mobile is a bad experience for anyone who is considering spending money with you. Hence a small investment in good quality hosting can make a big difference for any digital business.

Premium Hosting

£30.00Per Month


€40.00Per Month


  • Daily Secure Backups
  • Security Monitoring
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Premium SEO Hosting
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Our Best WordPress Hosting Package

  • Daily Back Ups for 28 days ** Extra charges may apply for very large sites due to the additional costs of the server space (sites of 7GB+; 98% of sites do not fall into this category)
  • Cloud Based Servers with Scalable Technology to support higher bandwidth and growth. Optimised for speed and performance from the server end. 
  • iTheme Security Pro – the best WP security plugin
  • Free SSL
  • UK or EU Datacentre depending on where your business is based
  • Cloudflare CDN for enterprise speed and protection
  • Development / Staging Access if required
  • Restore Point – if something happens to your website, we can work with you to recover the site back to a previous saved version from the last 28 days

Monthly Plugin Updates Add-on

Can be added as an extra to your hosting package. An experienced developer will work through your website and update the plugins – manually checking that all elements are functioning as they should be and will send you an email confirming what has been actioned.

This includes a developer spending one-hour updating plugins and checking the website. If a plugin update does break something which would result in additional time over the one hour scheduled in this plan, we will inform you by email and you can either approve the work or revisit it again in the future.

An experienced WordPress developer will be quicker than your in house team updating plugins, but also very skilled in this process having completed updates already thousands of times. They will know what to check and ensure the site is working well after the updates are complete. Sometimes older plugins on websites are more difficult to update and this may require additional work which would be quoted for, before any additional costs were incurred.

It is one of the best ways to ensure your website is running at the best performance that it is possible. Faster loaded websites become better sales and leads machines.

Plugin Update Add-On

£75.00Per Month


€85.00Per Month


  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Manual functionality checks
  • Keep your website secure
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WordPress Hosting and Management from ProfileTree

Our WordPress hosting package and additional support services are aimed at letting you getting on with doing what you do best. We understand that most business owners aren’t tech specialists. This is why we offer hassle free hosting and premium support services to ensure high performance and unparalleled reliability.

WordPress hosting might not sound like the most exciting investment in the world. However, choosing a hosting packaged designed by WordPress experts offers countless benefits, from attracting more users in search to converting more of these into hard profit due to its better performance.

Of course, every WordPress build comes with certain features pre-installed. These include the WordPress control panel, and a variety of themes and plugins. Your hosting solution has a huge impact on how these function. Our WordPress developers will be on standby to ensure you get the best from your website hosting set up and follow on support.

Have WordPress website experts handle your hosting requirements to ensure that your website is set up for success. This is more important if you are investing in any digital marketing, as cheap website hosting will impact your overall position in search engines.