ProfileTree is a leading web design and digital marketing agency based in Belfast. We are renowned for our expertise and forward-thinking approach, and we are dedicated to elevating the web design standards in Armagh and beyond.

Partnering with us means collaborating with an agency that is committed to delivering real, quantifiable results. Our approach goes beyond creating visually appealing websites; we focus on performance and functionality. By integrating expert web development techniques, we ensure that every website we craft is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

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Our strategy also encompasses a strong emphasis on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This crucial element ensures that your website isn’t just a beautiful digital space but a visible and prominent one. We optimise your site to rank higher in search engine results, increasing visibility and driving more traffic. It’s this combination of superior web development and strategic SEO that sets our websites apart in terms of both looks and performance.

Are You Looking for ‘Web Design Armagh’?

If you’re on the quest for exceptional ‘Web Design in Armagh’, look no further. Our deep-rooted understanding of the Northern Irish marketplace sets us apart in crafting bespoke digital solutions that truly resonate with the local audience. We recognise the unique challenges and opportunities within this vibrant market, and our expertise is tailored to leverage these dynamics to your advantage.

At the core of our service is the commitment to help businesses of all sizes – from sprightly start-ups to established enterprises – carve out their own unique digital presence. We don’t just build websites; we create digital experiences that embody the essence of your brand. Our approach is to design a website that is not just a platform but a reflection of what you stand for, something that you can proudly showcase as a digital representation of your business.

Why Choose ProfileTree for Web Design in Armagh?

Your brand’s website is often the first point of contact with potential customers, and we ensure that this first impression is impactful. By combining aesthetically pleasing designs with functional user experience, we craft websites that are not only visually striking but also intuitive and engaging for your visitors.

Whether you’re looking to launch your brand’s first website or revamp an existing one to better reflect your evolving business, our team is equipped with the skills and insights to bring your vision to life. Let us help you stand out in Armagh’s digital landscape with a website that’s uniquely yours and one that you’re proud to represent your brand.

With us, you’re not just getting a website; you’re investing in a comprehensive digital solution tailored to achieve measurable success and enhance your online presence.

Why Are We The Best Web Design Agency Armagh?

At ProfileTree, we supply our website design services to clients through the UK and the Island or Ireland. We have a strong portfolio of work and an existing client-base who value and recognise our specialisms in web design and development. Check out customer reviews below.

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You can also check out our existing web design on our internal brands: ConnollyCove | Amazing Food and Drink | LearningMole.

Website Design Business Statistics

In order to truly appreciate the impact of website design on your business, check out the following statistics – warning they may shock you.

  • 94% of first impressions on a website are design-related. (WebFX)
  • A poorly designed website can deter 89% of visitors from returning. (Visually)
  • A 1-second delay in page load time can decrease conversion rates by 7%. (WebFX)
  • 71% of small businesses have a website, and this number is growing. (Top Design Firms)

The above is just a small selection of website design statistics, but they all tell a similar story – website design is crucial for your business’ online success and you need to ensure that it provides the best possible impression to your web visitors – luckily that’s just what we do.

Web Agency Armagh FAQs:

Q: How can web design benefit my Armagh business?

A: A professional, modern website designed for user experience and mobile-friendliness attracts more customers, builds brand trust, and boosts online sales. We create bespoke websites tailored to your Armagh audience and industry needs, driving real results for your business.

Q: What types of web design services do you offer in Armagh?

A: From custom design and development to responsive theme-based options, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to meet your budget and goals. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep your website running smoothly.

Q: Do I need to understand complex web design terms?

A: No! We communicate clearly and translate technical aspects into actionable solutions. We focus on your desired outcomes, like increased website traffic and improved brand image.

Q: How much does web design typically cost in Armagh?

A: Costs vary depending on project scope, desired features, and chosen services. We offer transparent pricing and free consultations to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect solution for your budget.

Q: Can you share examples of local Armagh businesses who have seen success with your web design services?

A: Absolutely! Visit our website or contact us directly to see how several local businesses achieved significant growth through our tailored web design solutions.

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Objectives of Building a Website

It’s very common to see local businesses approaching us saying they want to build a website. When we start probing for more details, they find themselves at loss to define what they really want. Usually, there are multiple stakeholders, too. So, that’s even harder when each stakeholder is not clear about his/her/their expectations of the website. #

That’s why, we always advise before you head to any agency asking for a quote, have a meeting with your team internally. This will help you identify what you need from a website design agency and ensure that your vision is brought to life.  

Identifying Business Goals in Reference to The New Website

These questions serve as a good exercise to do with your internal team before you start hunting for a quote.

  1. What goals do you aim to achieve with your website in the context of your business?
  2. Identify the highest revenue-generating aspect of your business. How do you envision its expansion through digital channels?
  3. Pinpoint the least revenue-contributing element in your business. Could integrating specific website functionalities enhance its profitability?
  4. Define the demographic of your ideal customer. What is their level of digital literacy and engagement?

Assessing The Internal Side of Your Business

  1. Describe your current internal workflow. How might a website streamline or enhance these processes, particularly from the perspective of your customers?
  2. Are there routine tasks within your operation that could be automated via the website?
  3. If considering automation, is your team prepared for the shift towards digital operations?
  4. Have you designated an individual or team to manage and maintain your website post-launch?
  5. Do you plan to update your website’s content frequently?

Website Design and Functionalities

  • What are the pages you require for your website?
  • What are the features and functionalities that you would like to add to your website?
  • Who is going to host and maintain your website?
  • Do you have a specific design in mind?
  • Do you have any design references within your industry or outside of it?
  • Do you have a specific budget in mind?

Business Website Design in Armagh

Embarking on a web design project, whether it’s revamping an existing site or creating a new one from the ground up, begins with a crucial step: determining the type of website that best aligns with your business goals. While all websites might appear similar on the surface, the reality is that there’s a diverse array of website types to consider, each serving different purposes and objectives.

Business Websites

Startups, corporates, agencies, or consulting websites are all considered business websites. They’re sometimes called ‘brochure websites.’ It is built to create a digital space introducing your brand and what you do. Business websites are very versatile. Some startups need to push for app downloads, while other businesses want to push for bookings, scheduling software, or lead generation. Here are some of the basic pages on a business website, in addition to some thoughts and ideas that you can incorporate into your business website.

Home Page

  • Home page that focuses on the services you offer and the problems you solve.
  • Engaging content at the top of the homepage – the hero section – including videos, dynamic slides, explanatory infographics, and calls to action (CTAs).
  • Calls to action should be strong and clear according to the nature of the business: ‘Book Now’, ‘Get a Quote’, ‘Chat with Our Expert Today’.
  • A tool to get your customers engaged with your brand once they land, like calculating the cost of their project or a quiz answered to direct them to the right sales funnel.
  • Alternatively, a funnel for different customer personas, for instance commercial, family, student, etc.
  • Testimonials and reviews featured on the homepage.

Must Have Pages

  • About page includes your mission statement, vision, brand story and promise. Many companies like to have a ‘Meet the Team’ section on that page.
  • Services page – can be a one long page with all your services listed with clear content and description or can be multiple pages, each with a customer journey and a call to action. It depends on the number of services you have and how many pages you wish to have for your website.
  • Contact Us page is one of the most important pages because if anything goes wrong or if the client wishes to get in touch directly, this is usually the first page they will click on.

Web Design Armagh Business Website: Additional Ideas

  • News/Blog – corporates, consultancies, and start-ups should use content marketing to create inbound leads. HubSpot, for instance, has taken this to the next level by creating top notch content and using their business blog as a lead generation tool using free and gated educational.
  • Client Portfolio – while some businesses may not find this necessary, others consider it the silver bullet, or ‘the selling factor’. Creative agencies, for instance, rely on their portfolio to showcase their style and creativity. So, they prefer to separate it and create an entire page for it.
  • Chatbot – some businesses find this super useful while others find it useless. Once again, the industry and target audience of your brand will affect the decision.

Web Design Armagh: Business Websites Versatility

Business websites are versatile – and sometimes very specific to each business. Some businesses want to have a booking system on a separate page. Others, like to add resources, files, and PDFs. Some software service businesses want to show the features of the product. Some even mix between having a business brochure website and ecommerce setup where they want to have a homepage that focuses on the company services, and a small ‘Shop’ page. So, while it is not mainly an ecommerce website, it does have an online store.

Business Website Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Pay Specific Attention to Content

You may be surprised to know that most clients coming to us for rebuilding a business or a brochure website never mention content as an issue. Content marketing is not only important for blog websites or ecommerce ones. We audit so many business websites and we often find that their home page and service pages do not have enough content – not to mention clear or engaging.

Content doesn’t only tell the visitors who you are and what you do. It also tells Google what to associate your website with. Without it, the search engine is blind and that affects your traffic negatively. The advice is always to dedicate time to crafting compelling content for your homepage and service pages.

Tip #2: Keep It Professional

Clients will judge your company based on your website, that’s a fact. So, for a business website, you want to gain the trust of visitors. The only way to do so is by keeping it professional. And please do not confuse ‘professional’ with ‘boring’.  Professionalism is best presented through preparedness and clarifying all the information to your customers.

For example, explain the on-boarding process thoroughly and clearly. Mention how your solution solves their problem in a way that they would understand and relate to. Be honest about deliverables, timelines, and cost so that they can manage their expectations. Professionalism is something that clients will sense from every touchpoint. The branding, language and tone of voice should reflect your brand clearly.

Tip #3: Transactional Business Website

If your business website has some transactional pages such as an online store or a booking system, you must align that with your internal staff members. Who will be notified, how they should respond and what does the internal process look like.

You don’t want the website to become a circus for those handling your website on the backend. Remember that clients are looking for a holistic experience where they won’t bother talking to three people and every time, they would speak with someone different. In case of having transactional pages on a brochure website, we always recommend getting CRM to be organised and efficient with your internal work process.

How to Choose the Right Web Design Agency for Your Armagh Business

We take a different approach to web design because we’re also content marketing and SEO specialists. Plus, we’re locally based too. This means you won’t just be found online but will be found by the people in need for your services and your site can be partnered with great content to drive real results to actively support your strategies.

We love hearing from our customers about their tips for other local businesses about to update their web presence with a freshly designed website. Since our clients tend to be repeat customers we’ll keep in touch with as their business – be it in Armagh or further afield in NI – grows, we get to learn and share their tips for making the most of their new site.

Go Below the Surface

Our clients discover that a website ‘looking great’ isn’t enough, they’d have been given quotes for website designs that have no focus on driving return on investment, usability for the business, or adaptability as technology and customer behaviour changes. Taking time to explore the substance over style of a custom-made web presence brings huge benefits compared to a ‘quick fix’, instant site.

Nobody Has a Monopoly on Good Ideas

We’ve known companies who, early in their process, see the development of a new website as management-led without factoring in communication – two-way communication that is! – with their team. Great ideas for making your site work harder, such as a resource that could help the sales team or a functionality that could help how customers see your brand, can and should come from any colleague.

The Customer Is Always Right

Are you asking your customers how they should interact with your company or telling them? ProfileTree can help understand how your customers, and potential customers, behave online and how they behave on your new site. This way, you make the things they need easier and conversion to a sale much easier too.

Return On Investment Is Everything

Great web design, whether you’re a business in Armagh centre or further afield, is built around finding ways to make your new site perform for your company. For example: if you’re focused on sales, producing leads will be a goal for your website. Think ‘goal’ to unlock great returns. You’ll have noticed local companies who’ve invested heavily in a great-looking website but discovered that it doesn’t meet customer’s needs or becomes outdated quickly. We’ll help you to work smarter online.

A Team Effort

Your team will have great ideas for how to make your new website design work harder for your business. What would help the sales team most? What would help marketing promote your brand? A team effort creates a team website everyone will use. After all, no one has a monopoly on good ideas. Every person in your business can suggest ways the right website can help their work, and most will have an insight into what your customers are saying too.

Great Customer Experience

Customers, or potential customers, who find your website frustrating to use won’t feel good about your brand. A poorly designed website breaks trust and makes your audience feel like their interaction with your company isn’t valued. However, surpass expectations to build better customer relationships. We’ll help you understand how your customer wants to interact with your website, how to make things as easy as possible and how to help customers engage further.

Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

Those same customers will also lose patience with your website when they find their new device, their new way of searching (such as using voice) or their new needs aren’t met by your site. A specialist web company will help you keep ahead of your audience. In fact, we LOVE digital strategy because we shape our own business around planning for digital change before it happens. Ask us how.

Web Design Armagh: How Much Does a Website Cost

Working with so many different businesses over the years taught us to work with different budgets and requirements. We have created three different packages for our web design and development projects; through which we cater for different needs and requirements. In other words, you set the requirements, we tailor a package within the limits of your spending. The average cost of a website at ProfileTree is £7000 covering research, UI/UX design, web development, SEO, and content migration. This price figure is subject to change according to the requirements of the website and future updates to our packages.

Web Design Armagh: Ready to Book a Free Website Audit?

In today’s digital landscape, having a professional and user-friendly website is vital for any successful Armagh business. At ProfileTree, we understand the unique needs of the local market and provide exceptional web design services tailored to your industry and audience.

With our proven expertise, local knowledge, and dedication to your success, we can create a website that attracts more customers, strengthens your brand, and drives sustainable growth for your Armagh business. Contact us today for a free consultation and unlock the power of impactful web design for your local success!

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